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A Brief Bio

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts, Painting Emphasis. As an undergraduate, I studied for a year at the University of Padua in Italy.

It was 10 years later that, prompted by difficult circumstances and a bout of depression, I began painting as therapy. I began with prayer and meditation and soon found myself experiencing evocative images that I later learned were archetypal. These archetypes transcended any specific religion.

Then, a compelling dream inspired me to create the image Pillar with Wings in my large fused glass triptych, and to dedicate my work to Interfaith Art, initially to build bridges between Jews, Christians and Muslims, then evolving to be inclusive of many faith paths.

My most recent project is to paint portraits of ten inspiring women, in triptych and icon format, because these paintings will tell holy stories. The process will take several years because I am painting in a classical style, which means all the elements of classical painting typical of techniques used by the painters of the 14th through 16th centuries: composition using the golden rectangle, preparatory drawing, underpainting in grisalle, oil paint on birch panels, and gold leaf. I plan to document the process on this blog.